Bulent Yusuf

Alphabetti Fumetti: D is for Ditko
19th September 2005
Ninth Art continues its tour of some of comics' key creators with a look at the legend who gave SPIDER-MAN his swing, the geek who gave HULK his heart, and the cartoonist who gave 90s comix a kick.

Alphabetti Fumetti: C is for Claremont
5th September 2005
Bulent Yusuf's idiosyncratic abecedarium continues with three of comics' high Cs - X-MEN legend Chris Claremont, freaks' and geeks' darling Daniel Clowes, and the pioneer of the alternative set, Robert Crumb.

Alphabetti Fumetti: B is for Byrne
22nd August 2005
Ninth Art presents the lowdown on three more of the comic industry's leading lights with profiles of Vertigo's big cheese, the man who gave Judge Dredd his distinctive sneer, and the Michael Jackson of superhero art.

Alphabetti Fumetti: A is for Adams
11th July 2005
Ninth Art launches a new series of articles as Bulent Yusuf kicks off his eclectic guide to some of the comic industry's biggest names, starting with the great Neal Adams, the brilliant Sergio Aragon├ęs, and the unique Chuck Austen.

The Book Review: The R Crumb Handbook
13th June 2005
Take a guided tour through the world of misanthropic master cartoonist R Crumb. Thanks to this revealing new book on his life and work, Ninth Art gets a little closer to the king of underground comix.

Comment: Bad Education
14th March 2005
Several publishers have announced plans for educational comics - including Anne Frank meets Astro Boy - but is Marvel going too far by pimping its products in the classroom? Plus, Marvel versus NCsoft - the case continues.

Comment: Whaam Rap
21st February 2005
Roy Lichtenstein once turned comic art into pop art. Now, with two European museums bolstering their comic archives, is the art form receiving its due recognition in the annals of modern art?

Comment: Incredible Journey
27th December 2004
The most successful original superhero story of the year didn't come from comics. It happened at the multiplex. Bulent Yusuf looks at what Brad Bird's THE INCREDIBLES could mean for the future of comics in Hollywood.

Comment: Copyright And Kryptonite
8th November 2004
DC could face another crisis this month as the Siegel and Shuster families attempt to lay claim to Superboy. Bulent Yusuf looks at the history of the fight for the Superman trademarks, and what victory for the families could mean for DC.

Man And Superman
18th October 2004
Christopher Reeve set the standard for big screen superheroes through his work, and proved a true hero in the determination he showed in his life. Bulent Yusuf remembers the man who reshaped comics' greatest icon.

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