Zack Smith

The Friday Review: Pistolwhip
14th June 2002
It's a film noir turned radio pulp turned comic book - and there's plenty more turns where those came from. Ninth Art revisits one of the most assured debuts of recent years.

The Friday Review: Finder: Sin-Eater
5th April 2002
In the first two collections of Carla Speed McNeil's FINDER, a patchwork city forms the chaotic backdrop for one of the finest works of science fiction in recent years. Ninth Art takes a closer look.

The Friday Review: Little Nemo
22nd March 2002
One of the avowed true classics of comics literature, Winsor McCay's LITTLE NEMO was a wildly innovative newspaper strip whose influence can still be felt today. Ninth Art dons the pyjamas for some wonderful dreams.

The Friday Review: Tantrum
8th February 2002
Jules Feiffer has won both an Oscar and a Pulitzer, but for a true measure of the man's talents, one need look no further than his widescreen fable TANTRUM, about a grown man who wills himself back to infancy.

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