The Ninth Eight

The Forecast for June 21st 2006
19th June 2006
The final Forecast bows out in epic style with a look ahead to CASANOVA, GARGOYLES, ULTIMATES and ETERNALS - plus a few passing remarks from our resident pundits on weird science, the unmasking of Spider-Man, and the demise of good superhero comics.

The Ninth Art Lighthouse Awards: The Best Of The Best
19th June 2006
The best series. The best creators. The best publishers. After five years turning a discerning eye on the comic industry, the Ninth Art team present nine awards recognising the absolute best of the medium from the lifetime of the site.

The Forecast for June 14th 2006
12th June 2006
Grin and bear it with the URSA MINORS, discover a secret Brazil in DE:TALES, get your war on with Marvel, and crack open the SHOWCASE for SUPERMAN and JONAH HEX in our penultimate Forecast.

The Forecast for June 7th 2006
5th June 2006
Get some big ideas with your comics this week with Seth Fisher's magnificent Marvel swansong, the ACTION PHILOSOPHERS' collected wisdom, and some whimsical implausibility from WOODSMAN PETE.

The Forecast for May 31st 2006
29th May 2006
Garth Ennis visits the formative years of Frank Castle in THE TYGER, and Carl Critchlow's cult comic THRUD gets the trade paperback treatment. Plus, the comic industry pays tribute to the late Sam Loeb.

The Forecast for May 24th 2006
22nd May 2006
The hero returns as Bryan O'Malley unleashes the third volume of SCOTT PILGRIM. Sam Kieth reveals his INNER BIMBO, Gail Simone gets bad to the bone, and Ninth Art take history lessons from a great teacher.

The Forecast for May 17th 2006
15th May 2006
It's a week of curiosities as Marvel releases Poe poems adapted by a horror comics master and fairy tales re-imagined with an X-MEN twist. We also catch up on THE ESCAPIST and make friends with FIRESTAR.

The Forecast for May 10th 2006
8th May 2006
Eddie Campbell considers the FATE OF THE ARTIST in his latest work, while DC toys with the fate of a universe in 52. Plus, go back to the Edge with the SKRULL KILL KREW, and get up early for the CARTOON NETWORK ACTION PACK.

The Forecast for May 2nd 2006
1st May 2006
What's funny about cancer? Not much, but MOM'S CANCER gives it a sense of humour, at least. Plus, Gotham before everything got nice again and a bevy of collections, all new this week.

The Forecast for April 26th 2006
24th April 2006
It's a new Forecast, so what better time to celebrate the new? There's a new collection of Andi Watson's LITTLE STAR, a new role for an old Green Lantern, a new artist for SOLO and, erm, a NEW AVENGERS annual. Three out of four ain't bad.

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