The Ninth Art Lighthouse Awards: The Best Of The Best
By The Ninth Eight
The best series. The best creators. The best publishers. After five years turning a discerning eye on the comic industry, the Ninth Art team present nine awards recognising the absolute best of the medium from the lifetime of the site.

Top Nine: Watson's Choice
By Alasdair Watson
Rounding out the series in which Ninth Art contributors look back on their favourite comics, the third of 9A's founding editors reveals his nine picks, from DISEASE to SAVAGES, by way of a little UNDERSTANDING.

Article 10: Final Analysis
By Paul O'Brien
In the last Article 10, Paul O'Brien reflects on five years of comics commentary in changing times, the origins and intentions of the column, and the dismal future faced by superhero fans.

Star of Macedonia: An interview with Ed Piskor
By Matthew Craig
Ahead of the publication of Ed Piskor's graphic novel debut, Ninth Art talks to Harvey Pekar's latest collaborator - a 23-year-old cartoonist who could well be the next big thing on the alt comics scene.

The Book Review: 100%
By Ben Wooller
It's a story of unrequited love and visible internal organs, as Ninth Art revisits the punk sci-fi future of indie hero and modern maestro Paul Pope - and discovers that it's what's inside that counts.

Front Lines: Comics At War
By Rob Cave
What can comics say about true life combat? Ninth Art looks at the strengths and flaws of the medium as a means of reporting war, with a look at the works of Joe Sacco, Ted Rall and Karl Zinsmeister.

Comics: Just Not For Kids Any More
By Zack Smith
There was a time when most kids read comics - but these days, if they read any comics at all, they're reading ones from fifty years ago. Zack Smith looks at the state of modern comics for kids.

The Book Review: Can't Get No
By Matthew Craig
Artist Rick Veitch presents his response to the events of September 11th 2001, with his strange, silent and stylish urban parable about anxiety and disaffection. Ninth Art gets some CAN'T GET NO.

Triple A: The Last Word
By Wheeler, Johnston and Watson
One last time, the editors of Ninth Art got together around the wine bottles to commit their thoughts on the comic industry to tape. In this final Triple A, they reflect on the last five years - and look ahead to the future.

The Forecast for June 21st 2006
By The Ninth Eight
The final Forecast bows out in epic style with a look ahead to CASANOVA, GARGOYLES, ULTIMATES and ETERNALS - plus a few passing remarks from our resident pundits on weird science, the unmasking of Spider-Man, and the demise of good superhero comics.

Farewell from Ninth Art
By the Ninth Art editorial board
A few final words of passing, from the team that welcomed you in back on May 7th 2001.

12th June 2006

Alphabetti Fumetti: Z is for Zep
By Alistair Kennedy
Ninth Art's eclectic abecedarium reaches its conclusion with three very different artists - young star Leinil Francis Yu, definitive SANDMAN illustrator Michael Zulli, and international best-seller Zep.

The Book Review: Black Hole
By Rob Cave
A handsome book that's brilliantly ugly on the inside; Ninth Art plunges in to the BLACK HOLE to appraise Charles Burns' ten-years-in-the-making magnum opus about teenage disaffection and sexual awakening.

Top Nine: McElhatton's Choice
By Greg McElhatton
Ninth Art's prognosticator-in-chief, Things To Come author Greg McElhatton, reveals his personal Story So Far - from ELFQUEST to JLA via manga, McKean and McKeever.

The Forecast for June 14th 2006
By The Ninth Eight
Grin and bear it with the URSA MINORS, discover a secret Brazil in DE:TALES, get your war on with Marvel, and crack open the SHOWCASE for SUPERMAN and JONAH HEX in our penultimate Forecast.

5th June 2006

Things To Come: Previews June for comics shipping August 2006
By Greg McElhatton
Greg McElhatton's monthly dip into the Previews catalogue comes to an end at Ninth Art with a few words of parting advice and a look ahead to LOST GIRLS, Richard Sala's DELPHINE, and Brendan McCarthy's SOLO.

Top Nine: O'Brien's Choice
By Paul O'Brien
He's shared his insights with Ninth Art readers for five years, and he's been reviewing comics since any of us can remember. Now Paul O'Brien reveals his nine favourite comics, from NEW MUTANTS to OHOTMU.

The Forecast for June 7th 2006
By The Ninth Eight
Get some big ideas with your comics this week with Seth Fisher's magnificent Marvel swansong, the ACTION PHILOSOPHERS' collected wisdom, and some whimsical implausibility from WOODSMAN PETE.

29th May 2006

Alphabetti Fumetti: W is for Wagner
By Bulent Yusuf
The idiosyncratic A-to-Z of comic creators nears its end as Bulent Yusuf acclaims John Wagner, applauds Barry Windsor-Smith, and unleashes hell on Chris Ware and JIMMY CORRIGAN.

Top Nine: Kennedy's Choice
By Alistair Kennedy
That first comic for a long train journey; that first curious dip into indie comics; that first chance to fall in love all over again. From NEW WARRIORS to CHUNKY RICE, Alistair Kennedy remembers his defining moments as a comics fan.

The Forecast for May 31st 2006
By The Ninth Eight
Garth Ennis visits the formative years of Frank Castle in THE TYGER, and Carl Critchlow's cult comic THRUD gets the trade paperback treatment. Plus, the comic industry pays tribute to the late Sam Loeb.

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