Rob Cave

Front Lines: Comics At War
19th June 2006
What can comics say about true life combat? Ninth Art looks at the strengths and flaws of the medium as a means of reporting war, with a look at the works of Joe Sacco, Ted Rall and Karl Zinsmeister.

The Book Review: Black Hole
12th June 2006
A handsome book that's brilliantly ugly on the inside; Ninth Art plunges in to the BLACK HOLE to appraise Charles Burns' ten-years-in-the-making magnum opus about teenage disaffection and sexual awakening.

The Book Review: Epileptic
8th August 2005
French cartoonist David B's acclaimed, frustrating and discomforting autobiographical comic deals with his brother's struggle with epilepsy - and his family's struggles with his brother. Ninth Art meets the family.

The Book Review: Classic Dan Dare: Voyage to Venus
27th June 2005
Remember the 90s? The Space Fleet, the food shortages, the alien Treen? Ninth Art revisits Frank Hampson's vision of the future - as seen from the 1950s - in one of the greatest sci-fi series of all time, DAN DARE.

The Book Review: Louis Riel
4th April 2005
Good comics that attempt to recreate real history are few and far between, but Chester Brown attempted it with his life of Canadian rebel Louis Riel - and the result is a qualified success.

The Book Review: Comics And Sequential Art
7th February 2005
In addition to being a master storyteller and a tremendous innovator, Will Eisner was also a great teacher. Long before anyone else was prepared to take comics seriously, he set out to establish the creative language of the artform.

The Book Review: Human Target: Strike Zones
19th July 2004
Vertigo is the home of the conceptual makeover, and Peter Milligan is the past master when it comes to stories about identity. Put the two together, and can they turn an old action comic into a sophisticated high-concept series?

Thumbnail: Raymond Briggs
17th May 2004
He's a master craftsman when it comes to 'the labour-intensive botheration of strip cartoons', yet Raymond Briggs' working class heroes are little known outside the UK. Ninth Art profiles the acclaimed creator of WHEN THE WIND BLOWS.

The Friday Review: Persepolis - The Story Of A Childhood
8th August 2003
Most of us will never experience life under the heel of a truly fundamentalist regime. In Marjane Satrapi's astonishing memoir, she takes the reader just close enough to really appreciate that gift.

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