Zack Smith

Comics: Just Not For Kids Any More
19th June 2006
There was a time when most kids read comics - but these days, if they read any comics at all, they're reading ones from fifty years ago. Zack Smith looks at the state of modern comics for kids.

Top Nine: Smith's Choice
13th March 2006
Reviewer extraordinaire Zack Smith reveals his top nine comics from a lifetime's reading, from his early affection for SCROOGE MCDUCK to his passion for Lawrence Marvit's SPARKS.

The Book Review: Spiral-Bound
23rd January 2006
Hey, kids! A comic! Ninth Art enters the charming world of Aaron Renier's SPIRAL-BOUND: TOP SECRET SUMMER, where a little menace may just lurk beneath the waters in this hugely enjoyable children's tale.

The Book Review: Capote In Kansas
12th September 2005
The murder of a Kansas family lies at the heart of IN COLD BLOOD, but what was in Truman Capote's heart that made him want to tell their story? Ninth Art follows Ande Parks and Chris Samnee, as they follow Capote to Kansas.

The Book Review: The Book Of Ballads
2nd May 2005
To mark the weekend of May Day, Ninth Art dips a toe in the waters of folklore and myth in the good company of former SANDMAN artist Charles Vess, as he brings a host of classic tales and ballads to life.

The Book Review: Courtney Crumrin
25th October 2004
If you go into the woods today, you're sure of a big surprise - but it's not the twilight, the mystics or the night things you have to worry about; it's a little girl named Courtney Crumrin. She's very, very good. And she's horrid.

The Book Review: The Best Of Ray Bradbury
23rd August 2004
Ray Bradbury is one of the masters of fantasy and sci-fi, so it's no surprise that some of his 500 works have made the leap to comics. IBooks brings together some of the best, with contributions from Chiarello, Mignola, Russell and Van Fleet.

The Book Review: Stray Bullets: Somewhere Out West
9th August 2004
August is the perfect time to a trip to the seaside, but David Lapham's Seaside is like no holiday town you've ever seen. Ninth Art trades cotton candy for crime fiction as it heads SOMEWHERE OUT WEST.

The Friday Review: Honour Among Punks
2nd April 2004
Never mind the spandex, here come Gary Reed and Guy Davis with the collected edition of their Baker Street mysteries - a little bit Conan Doyle, a little bit Sid Vicious. It's pretty, and it's far from vacant.

The Friday Review: Jonny Double
20th February 2004
Before 100 BULLETS, the creative team of Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso first worked together on this tight, intelligent private eye noir story. Ninth Art moseys up the bar and orders a DOUBLE.

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