Matthew Craig

Star of Macedonia: An interview with Ed Piskor
19th June 2006
Ahead of the publication of Ed Piskor's graphic novel debut, Ninth Art talks to Harvey Pekar's latest collaborator - a 23-year-old cartoonist who could well be the next big thing on the alt comics scene.

The Book Review: Can't Get No
19th June 2006
Artist Rick Veitch presents his response to the events of September 11th 2001, with his strange, silent and stylish urban parable about anxiety and disaffection. Ninth Art gets some CAN'T GET NO.

Comment: Craig's Last Hunt
8th May 2006
It's good night from him, as Matthew Craig discovers he's not quite the fan he used to be. He explains why he needs to take a break - and, as if to demonstrate the point, shares his proposal for a fat Wonder Woman.

Top Nine: Craig's Choice
27th March 2006
Matthew Craig recounts tales of heartache, youth, and giant robots punching giant robots as he remembers the nine comics that shaped his life as a fan - including DEADLINE, KANE and IRON WOK JAN.

The Book Review: The Best 12 Commando Books Ever
13th February 2006
Generations of British children have grown up with the digest-sized boy's own war stories of COMMANDO. Now some of its greatest hits have been collected in a single volume. Ninth Art rediscovers a very British war.

Comment: Mohammed And The Mountain
17th October 2005
Ninth Art's man in the Midlands reports that the manga bookshop revolution has finally reached his isolated British backwater town. But will it find an audience there, and does it mean anything for the wider comics market?

Comment: Threads
11th July 2005
On a journey back to his former home of Sheffield, Matthew Craig ponders the Morrisonisation of the DC Universe, boggles at the big city bookstore market, and gets a little editorial input from a fellow train passenger.

The Book Review: WE3
30th May 2005
How could a story about three animals on the run be one of the boldest and most inventive comics of the past twelve months? Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely are your guides on an incredible journey.

Comment: Nothin' But Bunty
7th March 2005
Matthew Craig went shopping and all he got was a chance to muse on the British bookstore market; why Joe Quesada won't do OGNs; and how cinema may be no match for V FOR VENDETTA.

Comment: Casting Shadows
10th January 2005
Matthew Craig joins the Comment team with his reflections on the latest comics news, including the passing of Will Eisner, the ALL-STAR BATMAN team, and Hollywood's declaration of independence.

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