Bulent Yusuf

Alphabetti Fumetti: W is for Wagner
29th May 2006
The idiosyncratic A-to-Z of comic creators nears its end as Bulent Yusuf acclaims John Wagner, applauds Barry Windsor-Smith, and unleashes hell on Chris Ware and JIMMY CORRIGAN.

Top Nine: Yusuf's Choice
15th May 2006
From Schulz to Schultz, Bulent Yusuf offers a guided tour of the nine comics that shaped his love for comics, including kids' comic strips for all ages, and defining moments of superhero action.

Alphabetti Fumetti: S is for Shooter
17th April 2006
Comics are full of heroes and villains - on the page and behind it. Bulent Yusuf looks at the acclaimed THOR visionary Walt Simonson, the controversial CEREBUS creator Dave Sim, and the man behind SECRET WARS and the New Universe, Jim Shooter.

Alphabetti Fumetti: P is for Pekar
6th March 2006
Bulent Yusuf appraises three more comic creators of note, remembering under-appreciated Batman artist Mike Parobeck, boggling at the detailed work of George Perez, and wondering at the splendour of Harvey Pekar.

Alphabetti Fumetti: N is for Nocenti
6th February 2006
Bulent Yusuf assesses the careers of dependable workhorse Fabian Nicieza, GREEN LANTERN creator Martin Nodell, and the author of the third most celebrated DAREDEVIL run, Ann Nocenti.

Alphabetti Fumetti: L is for Lee
9th January 2006
Ninth Art's A-to-Z of comic creators reaches The Man himself, Marvel mastermind Stan Lee. Plus Bulent Yusuf offers his personal appraisal of that hottest of hot artists, Jim Lee, and self-publisher extraordinaire David Lapham.

Alphabetti Fumetti: J is for Johns
12th December 2005
Ninth Art profiles three more of comics' great and good, this time putting the spotlight on master inksmith Klaus Janson; comic covers superstar James Jean; and the king of superhero nostalgia, Geoff Johns.

Alphabetti Fumetti: H is for Hergé
14th November 2005
It's TINTIN to TANK GIRL via LOVE AND ROCKETS as Ninth Art's eclectic guide to some of comics' key creators reaches H, where we meet one famous Belgian, two legendary brothers, and a whole band of cartoons.

Alphabetti Fumetti: F is for Feiffer
17th October 2005
Ninth Art's catalogue of comics continues, showcasing two men who created the superhero as we know it, and one man seemingly possessed of superpowers of his own; Bill Finger, Gardner Fox and Jules Feiffer.

Comment: Tiger Beat
3rd October 2005
To mark the publication of THE COMPLETE CALVIN & HOBBES, Bulent Yusuf celebrates Bill Watterson's fantastic tale of the adventures of one boy and his tiger, and wonders if it might be the last great comic strip.

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